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Once you start working with us, you will finally make money on your YouTube Videos again. This will give you more creative freedom and motivation to work on your Channel. All our partners will receive a Dashboard login where you can keep track of all your earnings.

Our Mission

From demonetized to monetized.

Over the past 6 years we have developed a Unique System, specialized for demonetized or copyright claimed channels.
The results helped us to gain extremely useful data, which we then transformed into real use cases and clear plan of actions.
Through monetizing demonetized channels again, we were able to accelerate the growth and Views of the Channels by 20-50% which also lead to a huge increase in Channel earnings as YouTube starts recommending your Videos again because they are monetized.
We offer our Services in every Category and Niche, whether you’re Uploading Music, Education Videos, Compilations or Simply Vlogs, we will help you to monetize and accelerate the growth of your Channel.
Our Team, our 6 year experience in YouTube, and our system makes us the best in the world.

We can help you.

We help YouTube Networks, YouTube Channels, Artists, Musicians and many others.
Regardless in what niche you’re currently positioned in, Astronaud will help you to get to a level, that you have not reached before.

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Top notch Communication and Support
Dashboard login so you can keep track of all your earnings
Together with our Team,
we work out a detailed & customized Plan of Action for your specific Channel to accelerate you to new heights!
Contact us now and we will show you more insights and let the results do the rest.

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